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MAN Diesel & Turbo Argentia SA

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MAN Diesel & Turbo Argentina

MAN Diesel & Turbo Argentina

MAN Diesel & Turbo Argentina is located close to the city of Buenos Aires.

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MAN Diesel & Turbo Buenos AiresThe origin of MAN in the region dates back to year 1961 when MAN participated actively in Industrias Argentinas MAN (I.A.M.A.N.) for the production of marine and stationary four-stroke engines until 1991. The same year MAN GHH Argentina SA was established and started to perform maintenance and technical field services for the THM gas turbines and later on for many different compressors types and steam turbines in operation from the MAN, Borsig and Sulzer families.

By 2008 MAN Diesel SE founded a new subsidiary in Buenos Aires / Argentina to attend mainly the shipping industry with local staff and also to promote the sales of diesel and gas engines for power generation and the maritime industry.

Today’s MAN Diesel & Turbo Argentina SA was created July 2010 by the fusion of both, the Diesel and the Turbo division to join forces and offer a wider scope of services, maintenance, repair, retrofits & upgrades as well as workshop repairs of all MAN Diesel & Turbo`s product portfolio in Power, Turbo-machinery, Engines, Reactors, Marine Systems and PrimeServ.

Located close the city of Buenos Aires we have fast access to the fleet operating on the river Paraná, river Uruguay and river Rio de la Plata as well as quick transport facilities to serve our customers in Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and the Argentinean back-land up to Salta in the North and down to Patagonia in the South.

Apart from our customers in the Maritime and Power Generation Business we attend the country’s industry such as:

  • gas transportation
  • refinery
  • petrochemical
  • pulp & paper
  • nitric acid production
  • soda ash production
  • Oil & Gas

Industrias Argentinas MAN (IAMAN), a company participated by MAN, was producing MAN four-stroke engines for the marine industry and power plants for over three decades.